Rainy Monday…


Whenever it rains at the lake on a Monday, it at least makes it a little easier to leave, for those of us that do, even if only for the day.   Although the sky was gray and small droplets flicked across the front of the lens, I had to stop, as I was struck, not for the first time, but once again, by the view across the docks and the burst of natural color the water front randomly decides to place for me to enjoy.


Iris pseudacorus, yellow iris, partial to waterfront conditions not only stands as a flag of beauty (another common name, yellow flag), but also has the ability to absorb heavy metals into its rhizomes, caring for its waterfront slice of paradise.   Considered invasive in some circles, I can’t help but think, as we each have our place on the shore, generally at a random twist of fate, that there is beauty in each selection that was made.  Enjoy your view and a piece of mine on a rainy day…yellow iris on the lake …usny.image


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