What’s their angle…Taking a break?

From the lake…but in this case, from the river.
Fall fish heads come from all around, hoping it will deliver.
Seeking salmon in Oswego county.


Two anglers stop by to check out the bounty…


But at an Amish vegetable stand?
What could be their angler wish…

Maybe just to be the man
Come home with dinner?
No fish…
But still a winner.

Angular WP weekly photo challenge


Memorial weekend…the invasion.

This was the weekend that brings the invasion.

It is the memory that makes the occasion.

Welcome the googans that come into view.

Just until labor day they’ll do what they do.

Thank you to all that have fought and have died, paving the way to turn this tide.

Keeping safe to make the transition, so all of us can just keep on fishin.

Freedom to partake, right on que.

Luvin life on the lake equally…usny…right along with you.

First taste…


Spring is full of firsts…from the no color of winter to the first color of spring as it makes itself available,  one step at a time.


First Saturday in May opens the possibility,  for the first taste (since last spring ), of the tastiest fresh water fish in my view.  The flaky flesh of the walleye pike, broiled or fried rivals ocean haddock in its white appearance, texture and taste, as it crosses your palette.


A bump on the head, and a swipe of the knife,  it doesn’t get any fresher from eating to ate.


Caught up in our first taste of walleye for the season…


luvin life on the lake…usny.

Fish heads…

Spring @Salmon River Falls…usny

The water has to come from somewhere.   East of the lake, the Salmon River flows 44 miles, before it hits the falls, a 100 ft drop…winding the rest of the way to the lake …it provides a spawning haven for the fish which gives it it’s name.   Spring brings turbulent waters as the melt from the tug hill makes its way to the lake…


Hope you enjoy the view…


luvin life on the lake…usny