What’s their angle…Taking a break?

From the lake…but in this case, from the river.
Fall fish heads come from all around, hoping it will deliver.
Seeking salmon in Oswego county.


Two anglers stop by to check out the bounty…


But at an Amish vegetable stand?
What could be their angler wish…

Maybe just to be the man
Come home with dinner?
No fish…
But still a winner.

Angular WP weekly photo challenge


Blue solitude…

A closer, cleaner shot always eludes me, as my blue neighbor consistently keeps a safe distance in pursuit of solitude.


The largest heron in North America,  he is a welcome wader in my view.


Sneaking up,  I am spotted and in his flight a few more trys…to capture greatness


Oh Great Blue…in my view

Someday… will capture you

Till then I’ll settle

With how I can meddle


Watching you luvin life on the lake too…