Luvin life on the lake…usny(upstate ny) …is about enjoying the view, the unique and sensory experience of sights, sounds and smells of living and playing on the water, at the cottage, lake house,  beach or boat …tucked into our slice of paradise.

With a passion for photography, waterfront living provides an endless and ever-changing backdrop …. a plethora of subject matter and activity, so I hope you enjoy…the view.

Perhaps the words may touch some common shore, spark a memory or a laugh along the way…for those who share… the waterfront experience.

A passion and a place is all that is required…so… never take the view for granted…(waterfront)…of course.

I hang my hats …on the Golden Crescent along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario…luvin life on the lake upstate ny.

Link to my photo blog…      J’s eye…on?    (the other view ; )

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