Sunset savvy…

One thing their is no lack of in my view is the sunset along the waterfront.

365 days is a plethora of opportunity and as you can imagine thousands of shots as each one makes its decent from the sky, through clouds, or not…into the dunes and the water.

Romantics love sunsets, fisherman are keen on that time of day, they are the back drop of many life adventures, pictures and places.

With as many that fall right in front of my face, I struggle not to be a sunset snob.   Probably one of the most photographed phenomenons of nature, little is required of the photographer, as the light cast sparks the creative eye, not only on the event, but the subject matter on which it falls.

Hope you enjoy some of the sunset in my view…

Picture 4693_1

Luvin life on the lake…usny.



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