The recipe…

On the fence between winter and spring…

Is the only time the you can gather the ingredients.  A few days of the taste of what’s to come, increase temperature, to melt ice in large body of water. Reduce temp, to below freezing…carefully mix in wind till stiff.  Let wind blow till desired thickness coats shoreline.

Add sunshine and let sit, till setting…

Feast on the view, of not quite there yet…


In between winter and spring, luvin life on the lake…usny.      J

We share the shore…

Connected to the pond, is the great lake, flowing on to the river and then to the ocean…the waterway, our bridge to the rest of the world.  A view from the shore along the way.

Crossing a bridge, 1000 islands…St. Lawrence river


From Ft. Henry…Kingston, Ontario Canada


Luvin life on the lake…the view, so close to the rest of the world.    J

Open water…the last splash

The wait this year has been a test of patience…the winter that won’t end, as we long for the view of open water. Weekend warriors of winter have finally been  foiled as it is the first weekend, April fool’s has finally curtailed their persistence.  The ice finally becoming unsafe for the fodder.


It always amazes me how long they try and hang on…venturing in my view, risking it all, on the edge of melting ice.

But certain as the ugly duck (merganser) winter wains away, finally some signs of relief…as sure as the swan is more lovely, although still white.

As we patiently still wait for the last splash of winter…

Picture 1023_1

Picture 1025_1

There is promise of open water in my view…

Picture 3255_1

luvin life on the lake…usny


Fire and ice…the colors of winter


Colors along the waterfront this time of year have to be captured when you can find them. Just a couple of places I have found a colorful view…luvin life on the lake…usny.




We have always referred to this as the ice house. I don’t know how it got the name, as it housed boats in its day. The sands of time has changed its view…but it remains a consistent one in mine.



Mostly days have been gray, but when the sun does come out…

Sunset brings the best, from pastels…

to the vibrant color of…



Pinks and purples…of luvin life on the lake…usny.