We share the shore…

Connected to the pond, is the great lake, flowing on to the river and then to the ocean…the waterway, our bridge to the rest of the world.  A view from the shore along the way.

Crossing a bridge, 1000 islands…St. Lawrence river


From Ft. Henry…Kingston, Ontario Canada


Luvin life on the lake…the view, so close to the rest of the world.    J

Fish heads…

Spring @Salmon River Falls…usny

The water has to come from somewhere.   East of the lake, the Salmon River flows 44 miles, before it hits the falls, a 100 ft drop…winding the rest of the way to the lake …it provides a spawning haven for the fish which gives it it’s name.   Spring brings turbulent waters as the melt from the tug hill makes its way to the lake…


Hope you enjoy the view…


luvin life on the lake…usny