Viking in the clouds…


When a Viking appeared in the clouds at sunset, it occurred to me, maybe he was looking down, reminiscent for the waterfront experience…the motivation for setting sail, one of ¬†exploration. ¬†Motivation, similar to perhaps our own when heading out on to the water. ¬†

As legend has it, they made their way to North America sometime circa 700-1100 AD,  navigating by the sun and the stars.  When clouds obscured the view a device, a Sun Stone (cool), was used.
For the “polarization of the skylight”, a crystal, was held to the sky as a window to the way on the water.¬†

The lens, the “skylight” of the day captures, the Viking in the clouds…part of the ever-changing view…and spark for imagination…luvin life on the lake…usny.